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The Proposed Solutions

The solutions proposed by Coaching Professors to the questions raised in the prior “Dilemma Section” consists of taking ACTION:

1 – Start by calling one of our Enrollment Advisors and ask about the “Achieving Your Life Full Potential” Programs

2 – Obtain a Guest Registration Name and Password for two weeks of free access to one of our Online Discussions with downloadable information and experience our Online delivery system for yourself

 3- Register for our truly exciting “transformational” programs
(see Program Schedules).

Our coached ‘OPEN ENTRY’ programs are facilitated by experienced instructors who have taught programs at accredited universities and have facilitated and consulted in their field of expertise for at least 15 years.  

Our programs support participants to reach their own conclusions with regards to their life purpose and life goals (the clearing and discovery process); support participants to design their own customized action plan to achieve their goals (the planning stage); and in a powerful and supportive environment, guides participants into achieving their life goals (the Execution and Plan Implementation stage).    

Self-management strategies, how to place the reactive mind under control and how to create what is most important in your life are important elements of the programs that participants learn in the “Achieving Your Life Full Potential” Series.

Our coaching programs for individuals are structured sequentially and with no interruptions – your commitment is for 18 months (not bad for significant progress towards the achievement of that life goal that's been eluding you for decades):

1 – The first stage (a three month process) is called the Clearing and Discovery Process (alpha). In this period, participants are taught fundamentals that will empower and move them forward in their lives. An experienced coaching facilitator supports the participants to reach their own conclusions with regards to their life goals while supportive teams are formed. Your teammates will work with you on your (and their own) life quest discovery..

2 – The second stage (a three month process) is called the Planning Process (Beta). In this period, participants are taught advanced techniques that will empower them to move forward in their lives and the same “alpha” coach facilitator guides participants in the challenging tasks of personal inventory assessment, time management, serial goal setting, planning and self management. A supportive team carefully listens to your Action Plan and provides feedback and suggestions.

3 – The third stage (a 12 month process) is called the Execution and Implementation Plan (Gamma). In this period, participants put into action the basic and advanced mind dynamic techniques learned in the prior two phases and the same “alpha and beta” coach facilitates their plan achievement in a powerful and supportive environment. A supportive team cheers at your successes, provides feedback on your progress, and is with you all the way.

Participants select their own smaller working teams that become their “extended” support family – caring and empowering participants with the same quest, carefully listening and supporting their team members..

"Food for Thought"

Do I have to become someone I've never been in order to accomplish something I have never done before?

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Do I often procrastinate in life?































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