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One of the solutions the mind often comes up with is “just do nothing.” While this seems to be a low risk solution, in fact it is very risky. If we just do nothing we continue our dissatisfaction with life, we keep the same lack of excitement and lack of purpose. Life goes by rapidly and eventually it dwindles until we die “dissatisfied with our life.” This “do nothing approach”, is really a “do something approach”, called “nothing” – a true waste of the reasons for which we chose to come here.

A second solution is… to delay any solution. This is called: procrastination. All of us are familiar with procrastination, we know it does not lead us anywhere except dissatisfaction with ourselves and those around us, it creates a boring and un-empowered life.

Our Sedona Resolution is a Three-Day Program that truly allows you to clear your mind of any negative "old tapes" you may have running, while empowering you to truly achieve full clarity of your life purpose and reacquire the clearness of intention you had many years ago, forgotten amid the everyday struggle for survival and societal standing. 

The Program pledges that you will acquire a new perception of reality that will allow you to shift into greater understanding and become more focused – moving you forward towards that which is most important to you in your life. Discover the power of your mind and learn how to transform negative thoughts into positive actions; how you can live in the NOW and how you can truly achieve what you are here on the planet to do.  

In the last 25 years, many of our 120,000 participants have told us, the way they perceived reality was changed as they took our programs, a new clarity was discovered allowing them to powerfully move into personal success and achieve life goals with confidence on every path. The Program is about a context shift as well as content giving.

We invite you to join us and regain your excitement, life energy and personal clarity.

1 – Friday 6:00 PM - 10 PM
3 – Saturday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
4 – Sunday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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